Stretching works for the body by increasing range of motion, improving performance, reducing injuries, decreasing muscle soreness and accelerating recovery.

Partner-Assisted Stretch sessions include:
Bodywork table for the most comfortable body positions.

Relaxing ambiance at either location.

Custom-tailored programs that include home practice instruction.

Creation of a personalized workout that can enhance the client’s current sports or personal training regime.

Partner Stretch Styles

Static The universally accepted stretching protocol in which a muscle or group of muscles is taken to the furthest point and held without momentum or movement. This style is the least complicated and often the most relaxing.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Combines passive stretching and isometric stretching for maximum static flexibility. PNF stretching usually employs a partner to provide resistance against the contraction and to take the muscle through its full range of motion.

Active Isolated Partner stretch style using a series of systematic contractions with the agonist (muscle being stretched) muscle group. This advanced method requires the practitioner to be in a completely non-weight-bearing position. Partner assistance is crucial with active isolation and is very performance oriented. I can take a client through the entire range of motion stretches.

Locations Available

Andersonville, Downtown Chicago, home or office calls (price varies based on distance traveled)

Gift Certificates Available

24 hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling is required.

Call Dan at 314-580-2051 to set an appointment.

Partner Stretch Prices:
1 hour $50
1/2 hour $30

Discounts for clients also using personal training or massage services.